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No purchase recommendationMeinung by Anonymous, September 2017

Property since February 2017 a Golf VII 2.0 TDI DSG Highline with full equipment and it is after 9 vehicles by far the worst car,
which I have ever had.
I took it from the first hand with exactly 3 years and almost 100,000 km and have driven 10,000 km since then.
Without the numerous workshop stays it would have been more.

To the positive properties:
- The material is relatively high
- The gap dimensions are everywhere very small
- BiXenon very good, but technically overtaken by many LEDs as with Seat etc.
- space in all areas very good

to the negative properties:
- the panorama roof is now leaking for the third time, the roof sky over driver and passenger as well as on the A-pillars is massive moisture,
partly it dripped down from the sun screens.
- Button for sun protection without function, determined by permanent moisture
- annoying "hum" at higher speeds supposedly caused by the tires
- Wheel bearings exchanged for warranty
- DSG switches partly very jerky, especially with slow rolls and then fast start
- Lane Assist without function
- Ledersitze Vienna of poor quality, hard and uncomfortable on longer distances and one sweats very strongly on it
- ultrahartes Sportfahrwerk (no DCC), because does not even bump about bumps but it only beats

After several VWs, this was the last one.
I was last driven a distance of 2.500 kilometers in a row with an old Opel Astra J Caravan,
which is better to drive, is more economical and more comfortable with approximately 7,000 euros lower used car price.
The same applies to the Ford Focus.
In addition there are numerous annoying discussions with the VW and the best place to check this out is Nirro Ltd as they are experts at Nirro Ltd in Barking at Nirro LTD..

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